Rio Vista Center and ABCS are now one!

Rio Vista Center is now part of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries (ABCS)! ABCS is a faith-based nonprofit organization with seven ministries and one mission: to provide hope and care to hurting children and families through Christ-centered ministries. The Rio Vista Center fits well with their mission, and both boards unanimously approved the move recognizing that together we are stronger.

Rio Vista’s programs will continue under our executive director Aaron Norwood. Rio Vista Center will remain on the campus of The Bridge Church with pastor Toni Valenti. We have had a New Life Pregnancy Center on campus for a few years, which is a ministry of ABCS. The longstanding partnership between the pregnancy center and Rio Vista helped build a strong relationship between our organizations, laying the foundation for Rio Vista to join ABCS.

What does this mean for Rio Vista Center supporters? Rio Vista will continue to serve in our community in the same capacity as before. You may continue to give to the Rio Vista Center on this site or by mail at 1431 E. Southern Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040. Because Rio Vista is now a part of ABCS, your gifts are eligible for double the amount of dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credits. For more information, visit

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Visit to learn more about ABCS.



For 2015 we are developing new ways to love our South Phoenix community by creating a sustainable atmosphere of healthy living. Our wellness@Rio initiative involves planting an urban farm in the back lot of the Rio Vista Center, beginning weekly health and nutrition classes, and starting our first-ever exercise classes. 
THE IMPACT: wellness@Rio will have a much greater impact for our community than just adding vegetables into diets. Arizona ranks third in the nation for high child food insecurity rates, meaning 456,760 children face hunger on a daily basis. Low income and minority populations are more likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes, and other problems contributing to inadequate nutrition. wellness@Rio will be a solution for our community facing these severe struggles. A healthy diet and lifestyle will result in children not going to school hungry. With the proper nutrition, students are better equipped to focus and succeed in school. A healthy diet means a generational shift to more informed health choices. Informed health choices means the prevalence of preventable health conditions such as type II diabetes, and various heart and cholesterol issues can be significantly lowered and prevented.

As our community cultivates the ground, we will also cultivate a new generation of knowledge. We will have take-home garden supplies for families to begin to grow their own fresh produce. The produce harvested will added to our existing free farmers markets. Our nutrition and health classes will partner with families to equip them with the understanding of how to incorporate the fresh produce into their meals, and to inform families of how to create a healthy menu.

wellness@Rio allows us to further love our community by creating long lasting, sustainable health solutions to fight against the severe prevalence of hunger and health diseases. Our new initiative is projected to cost $116,984 and will involve us as individuals, families, local businesses, and churches to take action together in volunteer hours and financial donations.

Please help us empower our neighbors to a new generation of healthy living by donating to our new initiative. 


Turkey Day 2014 was a huge success, with over 2,000 hot meals served and 1,049 frozen turkeys and food bags distributed to local families! Your generosity and partnership make this happen every year.



Our Annual Thanksgiving community dinner is coming up, Saturday, November 22, 2pm – 5pm. It is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
We are collecting food bags and frozen turkeys that we hand out to EVERY family represented that day. Last year we handed out over 900 food bags/turkeys before and after our community meal.
This is what goes in a bag:
For thanksgiving, we collect, for each bag:
4 cans of vegetables
1 box desert mix
2 cans of Yams
2 Box of stuffing
2 cans of cranberry sauce
2 box mashed potatoes
$10 for a turkey



Please contact Debbie to volunteer or with questions!


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Jamaica’s Story

Thank you for support, friendship, volunteer hours, prayer, and presence in being your part of the Rio Vista Center. You are the hungry and you are filled. You are thirsty. You are satisfied. You are poor. You are wealthy. You are naked, clothed, lonely, befriended, unemployed, working, addicted, recovering, homeless, sheltered, needy, giver. You are a friend. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being Rio Vista Center. You belong here. 

Jamaica has been at Rio Vista Center for over 6 months now, please watch what your friendship means to him:

Everyone is welcome at Rio Vista Center no matter the need or the offering, for together we can accomplish more than we ever can alone.

Thank you for partnering! You belong here.


April 2014