A Legacy of Service

“Faithful Servant.” This is how people described Paula Compton, a Casa de Amor volunteer. For two decades she served the neighborhood and ministry in every capacity she could. Whether it was sending thank you letters, speaking at churches or recruiting volunteers, she would step in to help. Ultimately, the work she did was not for the organization but out of genuine love for people.

Paula was most passionate about providing children and teachers with school supplies for a good education. For six years she coordinated the Casa de Amor Back to School Drive to benefit Lincoln

Elementary School in Mesa. Previously, the drive was held for different schools throughout the city. Because Lincoln is a low-income school and central to the community, Paula suggested it be held there every year. She established partnerships with many churches that donated items for the drive. She also bought items herself on behalf of Casa de Amor. After sorting and grouping all the supplies by grade and classroom, Paula and the team brought everything to Lincoln Elementary. Paula built a good relationship with the school and was beloved by students and faculty.

Recently, Paula passed away. She is with the Lord, but her heart of service is not forgotten. Casa de Amor, one of ABCS’ Community Resource Centers, can better serve the community thanks to her selflessness. In her memory, students from Lincoln Elementary School created a poster for her family that shows the impact she made on the community. Currently, there are also plans to rename the Back to School Drive in remembrance of her. Driven by a love for God and people, Paula worked tirelessly to share that love with every child and family.

We would love for you to help honor her legacy. The collection of supplies will begin on June 20th ending on July 20th, but you can support this project by donating today at riovistacenter.com/donate2casa. You can also learn more about how to get involved with Casa de Amor by reaching out to Tim Lesher at (480) 464-2877 or email at tlesher@abcs.org.

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